Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest transactions that you will make in a lifetime.

Conveyancing is the essential part of the real estate sale or purchase whereby the ‘title’ or legal ownership of the property is transferred from the seller (vendor) to the buyer (purchaser).

This sounds like a simple process however, it can be complicated and costly if mistakes are made.

‘Your Guide to Conveyancing’ will equip you with the fundamental information that you need to know to ensure that your conveyancing process runs smoothly.

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    Key Information and Definitions

    There are three fundamental steps involved in the conveyancing process once the purchaser’s offer has been accepted. ‘Your Guide to Conveyancing’ outlines exactly what’s involved in each of these key steps:

    Step 1: What happens when contracts are issued?
    Step 2: What happens when contracts are exchanged?
    Step 3: What happens on the day of settlement?

    Key Information & Definitions

    We know legal processes can be daunting and downright incomprehensible at times. We offer our clients superior, professional advice which is easily understood, and provided in a timely manner.So, to help you understand exactly what we are referring to when we talk about the conveyancing process, we have included a glossary of key terms which explains expressions such as Torrens Title, Strata Title, Settlement and more.

    Common misconceptions about conveyancing

    Common misconceptions about conveyancing regularly lead to confusion and disappointment. Our guide debunks two key misconceptions and provides the real facts for your information.

    Tips for buying and selling a property
    When purchasing or selling one of the largest assets you will own in your lifetime, we suggest considering our top tips for both buyers and sellers to allow for a smooth and pleasant conveyancing process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When it comes to the conveyancing process, we recognise that everyone has circumstances that are unique to their situation. However, our conveyancing guide does answer some commonly asked questions relating to buying and selling, settlement, contracts and more.

    • What happens when contracts are issued?
    • What happens when contracts are exchanged?
    • What happens on the day of settlement?
    • Key Information to know
    • Common misconceptions about conveyancing
    • Tips for buying & selling a property
    • What is the difference between a Conveyancer & a Lawyer?
    • When should you talk to a Lawyer or Conveyancer about a sale or purchase?
    • Can I do a conveyance myself?
    • What if the purchase is not settled on the settlement date?
    • Can I move in to the property before settlement?
    • How long does it take to prepare a Contract for Sale?


    I have just completed a complex property purchase and was very impressed with how Hadyn and Tahleia both approached this matter. Their advice and expertise was greatly appreciated during the course of the negotiations, and it was comforting to know they were able to deal efficiently with all matters through to settlement. For someone who insists on crossing "T"s and dotting "I"s, they were very patient and understanding. I would highly recommend Hadyn and Tahleia. I have every intention of maintaining a relationship with the firm long term. In addition, all the staff who dealt with us treated us with courtesy and respect. Thank you, Hadyn and Tahleia." - David


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    E-Guide Author

    The team at Donovan Oates Hannaford prepared this e-guide based on their years of experience in conveyancing and property, combined with their knowledge of the area.

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      Please complete the form below and we will email you our guide to Conveyancing immediately. We hope you find it helpful.

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