Are you buying or selling a home? Don’t take your chances with one of the largest purchases you will ever make.

Dono­van Oates Han­naford will ensure you are pro­tect­ed dur­ing the process of buy­ing or sell­ing prop­er­ty.

Res­i­den­tial Con­veyanc­ing

Buy­ing or sell­ing a home requires a con­tract which effects the trans­fer of title between a buy­er and sell­er. This sounds like a sim­ple process how­ev­er, like all aspects of the law, it can be com­pli­cat­ed and cost­ly if mis­takes are made.

Our team can assist you with draw­ing up or review­ing con­tracts as well as ful­fill­ing the legal require­ments for trans­fer­ring prop­er­ty. We deal with prop­er­ty trans­fers every day and with expe­ri­ence comes insight.

Con­tact us for an oblig­a­tion-free review of your require­ments. You can also check out our help­ful arti­cles or com­pre­hen­sive con­veyanc­ing free e-guide below. We hope you find them help­ful.



I just want­ed to thank Dono­van Oates Han­naford for your pro­fes­sion­al­ism in deal­ing with our res­i­den­tial sale. It was an easy process for us due to your com­pe­tence and atten­tion to detail. Thank you very much.” — Bruce and Car­ol

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