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The Nation­al Cab­i­net Manda­to­ry Code of Con­duct regard­ing com­mer­cial leas­es aims to sup­port small and medi­um sized enter­pris­es (SME) affect­ed by COVID-19 dur­ing the government’s busi­ness hiber­na­tion peri­od.

It sets out good faith leas­ing prin­ci­ples for nego­ti­a­tions between land­lords and ten­ants for com­mer­cial ten­an­cies includ­ing retail, office and indus­tri­al ten­an­cies.

In our guide we list the over­ar­ch­ing prin­ci­ples out­lined in the Code of Con­duct and explain the goals both the land­lord and ten­ant should aim for; plus, we note the mutu­al goal that should be achieved in con­clu­sion.

Down­load the guide here.

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